Save your recordings

Did you have any undesirable abnormalities on your property and therefore need access to your recordings? - No problem! 

What you need:

  1. Access your HDDVR recording device
  2. A USB storage device (up to 128Gb) with enough free space (not an external hard drive!)
That's how it's done:

Step 1:

  • Press on your HDDVR recording device right click on the screen

  • Then go to "reproduction


Step 2:

  • You will then be asked to log in
  • If you don't Username and password have forgiven, just press "OK


Step 3:


  • Choose the one you want date and the channel out
  • Click on the two Arrows icon bottom right


Step 4:



  • In the right column you will now see the Recordings of the previously selected date is displayed
  • Start at the shot you want checkmark
  • Then press the bottom right Memory icon (above the two arrows symbol)




Step 5:

  • Now plug in one USB stick with sufficient memory space and press "Detect". If this is not recognized, change the USB port
  • Then go to "Backup


Step 6:

  • Well you will Backup window displayed
  • Choose a desired one below Backup format out
  • Finally press "begin”And the file will be saved on the USB memory stick

Do you only want to save certain frequencies?


  • In the right column, press the one you want file
  • At the bottom left go to "Start playback
  • Press to begin the frequency that open scissors icon
  • To the break up on the closed scissors icon 
  • Do you want the cropped recording on your USB device to save, then press the Memory icon next to the scissors