Features - Video Surveillance

Natural representation of colors for a nice and clear picture.

BERGHOCH cameras use a new sensor to give you a realistic picture. This can play an extremely important role in identifying people or vehicles. That is why we use the latest and best sensors for BERGHOCH cameras.

Wide dynamic range for a lot of detail and depth in the picture.

Videos from normal cameras would lose a lot of quality in cloudy weather. BERGHOCH cameras are equipped with the latest WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology and thus offer incredibly detailed images, even in difficult environments and conditions.

H.265 + compression for a sharp picture in small video files.

H.265 + is one of the latest compression standards and can package details in video up to 50% smaller than with conventional H.265 compression. The whole thing works by combining SmartP and AVBR to allow you to make small files.

Artificial intelligence for quick recognition of people and faces.

With the new artificial intelligence - which is integrated directly into the BERGHOCH cameras - people are recognized at lightning speed to avoid false reports from other objects. In addition, people's faces are recognized to make it easier to identify an important alarm.

30 meters night vision for a clear picture and reliable detection at night.

Thanks to infrared technology and noise reduction, BERGHOCH cameras have a night vision range of up to 30 meters. The night vision switches on automatically at night and ensures that the images are almost as clear as during the day. Burglars or unauthorized persons can be effectively recognized at any time.

Optical 5x zoom controllable via recording device, software and APP.

The built-in lens of our cameras offers a focal length of 2.8 mm to 12 mm and an angle of view of 90 ° to 26 °. You can change the zoom smoothly from wide angle to telephoto using the recording device, the Windows / Mac software or the APP.

Protection against vandalism for shock, impact and scratch resistant cameras.

With a stable design and a powder-coated housing, we protect BERGHOCH cameras from damage. In this way, the cameras remain functional even in critical situations. This is what BERGHOCH stands for with its name and extends the legal warranty to 2 years.

Waterproof and dustproof for use in any weather.

All surveillance cameras from BERGHOCH are tested for weather resistance and marked with IP66. IP66 is one of the highest protection classes for water and dust tightness. This protection class also distinguishes our cameras as touch-proof, ie they are secured against attempts to sabotage with tools or wire.