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Scope of Delivery

(1x) BERGHOCH 16 channel HD DVR recording device
(1x) 2000 GB pre-installed hard drive
(1x) power supply for HD DVR
(1x) USB mouse

(2x) Basic outdoor surveillance camera with night vision
(2x) Basic dome surveillance camera with night vision
(4x) 30m network cable for surveillance camera
(5x) Wireless power adapter
(4x) POE injector
(4x) power supply for POE injector
(1x) network cable 1m each

(2x) “Video camera” warning sticker for your home
(1x) German user manual & quick guide

Delivery Time: 1-2 Days*

Availability: Available

1 Month Right of Withdrawal

Scope of Delivery

(1x) BERGHOCH 16 channel HD DVR recording device
(1x) 2000 GB pre-installed hard drive
(1x) power supply for HD DVR
(1x) USB mouse

(2x) Basic outdoor surveillance camera with night vision
(2x) Basic dome surveillance camera with night vision
(4x) 30m network cable for surveillance camera
(5x) Wireless power adapter
(4x) POE injector
(4x) power supply for POE injector
(1x) network cable 1m each

(2x) “Video camera” warning sticker for your home
(1x) German user manual & quick guide

4K 8MP video surveillance

Latest HD DVR Surveillance System

The new BERGHOCH HD DVR offers you a high-resolution video resolution in 8 megapixels.

Connect the BERGHOCH HD DVR to your computer monitor or TV via HDMI or VGA.

4K 8MP video via wireless power adapters

with our new wireless sets

Now there is also our proven 8MP sets with our wireless power adapters. With this unique combination, cameras can be easily combined with the adapters to allow them to communicate with the recording device via your power supply.

So you can cover even large houses or halls (with an electricity meter)!

And the best thing about it? The set can be expanded with additional wireless power adapters and cameras!

Do not lay an annoying cable

Thanks to the use of existing power grids

Thanks to the new technology, you can easily distribute your cameras to existing sockets. Do not lay long cables, use existing ones!

With the BERGHOCH POE injectors, you have direct data and power at the wireless power adapters. 2 in 1 for easy installation.

The best combination

With the wireless power adapter

The excellent combination of wireless power adapter, power pack and POE injector creates a secure connection between the camera and recorder.

The possibility of plugging a power supply unit into the power adapter is particularly practical. So you get the signal and the power directly at the adapter. The camera can thus easily be connected to the POE injector of the combination.


The new APP for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & tablets

With the new 24HD APP you have remote access to your video surveillance system. View live images, alarm photos and hard drive recordings. Your data stays in your hands. In principle, we do not store any of your recordings on our servers.

The APP is available free of charge and without a monthly fee in the APP Store. Only the data transfer costs of your mobile phone provider apply.

Device overview with direct activation and deactivation of the alarm function.
Retrieval of alarm messages including photo when people are detected.

One APP for all cameras. Manage our new camera models in one APP. BERGHOCH WiFi/Solar Battery Cameras and NVR Recorders.

Audio warning through your cameras

with human detection on the 8MP outdoor/dome camera

If a human is detected via one of your cameras, all 8MP outdoor/dome cameras can play a warning message.

With the new built-in speakers in our 8MP outdoor cameras, an audio warning can be selected and played preventively. These include, for example:

"Private parking - only for tenants!"
"Attention video surveillance - you are entering a monitored area!"
"Do Not Enter!"
"No entry - the security service has been informed!"
"Private property - unauthorized entry leads to an advertisement!"

The new person and vehicle detection

integrated in our 8MP cameras

Monitor your property and get alerts on people or vehicles.

Leaves or animals constantly triggering your surveillance system? Not with our new intelligent person recognition! Our 8MP cameras can now - thanks to deep learning and intelligent AI - distinguish people from animals and objects. This means your system no longer triggers unnecessarily and saves even more hard drive space!

See and hear

via the 24HD APP

Now you can directly confront a recognized person. With the new 2-way communication via the APP.

The camera's built-in microphone and speaker allows you to speak to people in front of the camera.

High Memory for your Records

Pre-installed 2000 GB Hard Drive for up to 30 Days of recording

The 2000 GB hard drive with innovative H.265+ compression is optimized for 24-hour video surveillance recording.

The recording takes place in real time on all 16 x 8MP channels and can be played back at any time.

A separate recording schedule can be set for each camera. Regular and alarm recordings are color coded in the playback.

The recording circuit always ensures automatic and continuous video recording. The oldest video recordings are replaced by the newest ones in order to maintain the circulation of the video recording.

Recording capacity with 4 cameras = 14 days / 24 hours / all channels
Recording capacity with 8 cameras = 7 days / 24h / all channels
Recording capacity with 16 cameras = 3.5 days / 24 hours / all channels

All your files LOCAL and SAFE!

Decide whether you want a 24 hour recording, a scheduled recording, a manual recording, or a motion recording.

BERGHOCH offers you all 16 channels in 8 megapixel quality when recording.

User Interface

Recording Device with the latest Design

The BERGHOCH HD DVR recording device has a new user-friendly interface (software) to quickly and easily operate your "command center". Simplified symbols, perfect German language and terms make use easier than ever.

HD DVR with 16 Channels

Recording Device - expandable up to 16 Cameras

BERGHOCH recently offers you an HD DVR recording device with up to 16 recording channels.

Simple Data Backup

Quick and Easy External Data Backup

The HD DVR offers you an easy way to back up your videos externally via USB. To do this, simply connect a USB stick with up to 128 Gb in order to back up special videos or the entire data externally if required.

Your video recordings are always stored locally on the HD DVR's hard drive. No video data is stored on the cloud server, you have control over your videos yourself.

Digital Video Archive

Search your video recordings quickly and easily

In contrast to other systems, which show you the recordings in colorful timelines without precise information, BERGHOCH offers all types of recordings sorted in a list with exact time information.

Search your video recordings by date, time and event and also via app. The videos can be saved externally by fast forwarding and rewinding and with immediate export Funktion.

NVR display options

Different Display Variants available

Choose between single video, 4-view, 8-view or 16-view with a large video in the NVR - incl. Digital-Zoom-Funktion. Alternatively, we offer automatic loop playback of individual video channels.

Weatherproof Surveillance Camera

Weatherproof (IP66) and Rustproof Digital Surveillance Cameras

The new digital technology for professional video surveillance offers you detailed videos in real color.

All BERGHOCH 8 megapixel surveillance cameras (resolution, chip) are precisely matched to the HD DVR in order to provide you with the best possible video image.

Perfect Videos Day and Night

Perfect picture quality thanks to 8 megapixels

Each BERGHOCH 8 megapixel surveillance camera has intelligent software that delivers you perfect videos day and night.

In combination with the BERGHOCH NVR, each surveillance camera can be individually adapted to the needs of the environment.

Difference outside / dome

Differences between the camera versions

The outdoor and dome cameras differ only visually from each other. In terms of technology, both cameras are the same, you can decide what suits you better for the installation optically and in terms of assembly. Optional wall mount brackets are available for the dome camera.


Natural representation of colors for a clear picture


Wide dynamic range for a lot of depth and details in the picture

H.265 +

H.265 + compression for a sharp image on small files


Artificial intelligence for rapid detection of people

Night vision

30 meters of night vision thanks to infrared technology


Vandalism protection through a stable design


Waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use

Weight 7,5 kg

Data Sheet


Technical sheet NVR, features and dimensions.

Camera B-A8 outside

Technical sheet camera, features and dimensions.

Camera B-D8 Dome

Technical sheet camera, features and dimensions.


IP network video surveillance

4K 8MP Basic & Pro

NVR recorder

User Guide

Assembly & planning

Video surveillance sets

Video Surveillance


4K 8MP Hybrid

4K 8MP Powerline (Wireless)

Mesh WiFi

Video Surveillance User Manual

4K 8MP Hybrid

Video Surveillance User Manual

4K 8MP Powerline (Wireless)

Video Surveillance User Manual



More information in our knowledge base. Visit now!

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