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Remote maintenance via Windows and Mac

  1. Download yourself AnyDesk easily and easily under down. It fall no Kosten an.

  2. Double click the program file to open the program interface (it is no Installation notwendig).

  3. Above left under "This workplace”Find your personal AnyDesk address. Geben Sie diese unserem Mitarbeiter durch.

  4. This sends you a request Remote control, die von Ihnen bestätigt werden muss.

  5. Then the appears Your computer's monitor im lokalen Programmfenster von AnyDesk, auf welches wir zugreifen können, um die Fernwartung durchzuführen.

Set permission on Mac

In order for us to be able to access your Mac device, you must first grant AnyDesk the authorization.


  • Open AnyDesk and go to the left column next to "Set permission"(Here highlighted in orange) to"Adjust now”(Alternatively, you can also use your System settings the safety to open)


  • To edit, click on the bottom left Lock icon


  • Then, depending on your Mac model, you will be prompted for your Touch ID to use or your User name and password to enter


  • Now put under Accessibility a tick next to AnyDesk and press the again Lock icon. You can then continue with remote maintenance